Nile river tourism attracts a large international clientele. Visitors come mainly from China, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The number of Chinese tourists visiting the country has increased significantly over the past four years. Many also travel from neighbouring countries. Nabirye stated that he receives approximately 100 Chinese tourists per month. He said that there are also a lot of African tourists visiting from South Sudan, Kenya and other African countries. Should you have any inquiries about where by and how you can work with Nile river cruise, you can e-mail us from the website.

Nile river

Nile river tourism is a very popular way to explore Egypt’s ancient culture and history. The river flows through almost half of Africa. It has two main branches – the Blue Nile and the White Nile. The White Nile merges with the Blue Nile in Khartoum and flows into the Nile Delta click through the up coming article the rest Sudan.

Itanda Falls

A challenge for kayakers is the white Nile river’s Itanda Falls. It is one of the most challenging rapids on Nile and a great place to test your skills.

Great Pyramids

Plan a Nile River tour to Egypt that includes the Great Pyramids. The pyramids are located along the Nile River on the west bank. Built by ancient Egyptians, they represent the west as an area of eternal peace. Each pyramid was carefully placed by the builders, who made sure to do careful calculations. They also believed that every ruler was the sun of his time.

Temple of Horus, Edfu

The Temple of Horus can be visited at Edfu as part of Nile river tourism. It’s situated in the middle of the town of Edfu. It is located on the top of the town. Today you can see the temple and surrounding buildings as well as a short film that explains the history of this temple.

Nile cruises

Nile river cruises let travelers see some of Egypt’s most iconic sights. Aswan is the most southern city and serves as both a starting point and end destination for river cruises. The Unfinished Obelisk, a large bedrock ancient obelisk measuring 40m high, is one of the main attractions. The Nubian Museum also houses many interesting treasures. On the west bank, you will also find the Tombs of the Nobles. A second important place is the Agilkia Island. It is home to both the Philae Temples and the Agilkia Island.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria and the surrounding areas are rich with wildlife and offer unforgettable experiences for visitors. Many fish species live in Lake Victoria’s waters. Over the last 50 years they have become a popular fishing ground. But overfishing and indiscriminate fish-finning have led to many species becoming extinct. Some fish species have also been introduced from the rest of the globe, including the Nileperch and the water hyacinth.


Nile river tourism in Egypt was first developed during the Roman era, when tourists would use the river as a travel mode. Many scenes along the banks look very similar to the ones seen by the ancient Romans. River cruises were the best way to see many of the most important landmarks from the ancient world. Romans used feluccas for transportation in addition to cruising.

Nile River Tourism 2


Tourism to the Nile River in Sudan is growing in popularity. The country has a varied landscape, with dry areas, grass steppe and the eastern foothills of the Sahara and Sahel. The country’s south-to-north flow is the Nile. It then flows click through the up coming article Egypt to the Mediterranean. If in case you have any kind of concerns relating to where and the best ways to use Nile river cruises, you could call us at our web page.