Email from Jackie Pompeo allowing me know they just received their refund from the core. A Ripoff Report was submitted on 09/26/2016 by one of CORE Advisory Group, LLC clients’ the DEAF couple, which at the right time was co-owned by Devin Center & myself. Now instead of addressing the issue and holding himself accountable and find a resolution to correct the matter, he continues to ramble about how me and our former employee are the guilty ones behind all this.

Totally unprofessional and unethical for a business owner like Devin Center to blatantly lay to these poor couples face even once they have previously LOST their house. I I accept responsibility for my association with him and I am not going to sit back and refuse that what experienced transpired out of this case was a complete failure by CORE Advisory Group as a whole. Shame you Devin Center and David Clarke for being the scum that you are. How can you sit down there and make a fake statement by fabricating and blatantly lay in what your involvement since day one with CORE Advisory Group as their President?

Here is an email to the whole CORE Advisory Group staff dated March 31st, 2016 telling everyone that he funded and own the branding since day one so disregard my email about suspending CORE operations. This is a screenshot excerpt from the Ripoff Report mentioned in this post denying problem and I used to be the ONLY accountable party and you will browse the full record.

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Mr. & Mrs. Pompeo forwarded me a duplicate of CORE reactions to CFPB with false statements and lies still. Very disgusted with the fact that with overwhelming evidence to aid Devin’s Lies & Deception, he can LIE & make a FALSE statement to the regulators still. No morals & integrity.

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