PARCC, SBAC Smarter Balance, and Common Core reading evaluation if they don’t understand the tier 2 educational vocabulary and phrasing applied to reading understanding test questions! This is a quick look at the tier 2 vocabulary within quality 4 and 5 reading assessments. Meaning: Add; more; extra. Example: This type of furniture is more agreeable than the luxury one that is very costly. Example: Celena wasn’t heading to argue with him because she knew he ate her chocolates. Example: You may stay in the room with your daughter while I arrange the lunchtime. Example: Would you like me to assist you in completing this task? Meaning: to get the admiration, attention by physical or psychological makes.

Example: This pink watch will definitely attract Sara because of its color and appearance. Example: The loss resulting from careless work is very serious. Example: We all serve the same cause of protecting those who are weaker than us. Example: The weather of Pakistan is very appropriate to grow your crops. Example: He resided up the coastline in a cottage. Example: I always used to compare my levels with Allen.

Example: He attempted to create his own house within four weeks. Meaning: Among the major land masses or areas of the earth, regarded as Africa usually, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, THE UNITED STATES, and SOUTH USA. Example: There are total seven continents of the world. Example: There can be an amazing comparison between clouds and the clear blue sky.

Examples 1: The credit goes to all the team members who played really well throughout the overall game. Examples 2: He did all the shopping through his credit card. Example: Folks have learnt a great deal from the culture of the ancient Greek language civilization. Example: The kid dangled the doll by its arm. Example: 1. The American military knows how to guard their country. 2. Germany defended quite strongly against Brazil in the ultimate match.

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3. Eric will protect the situation of his sibling in the criminal courtroom. Meaning: to give details about something to someone. Example: The teacher asked the students to spell it out their personalities in their own Words. Example: He provided everything of the duty if you ask me carefully. Example: 1. To develop yourself, you need to bring some serious changes in your life style.

Meaning: a graph, graph, sketching or plan that points out something by displaying the way the right parts relate with each other. Example: The teacher explained the digestive system by using a diagram. Meaning: to let someone down or fail to fill his expectations for you. Example: He disappointed his parents by getting involved with a crime.