“Last December, Melanie Herman was sick with the flu and decided to seek comfort in medical care medical center at her company Northwestern Mutual. 5 for employees in the company health plan and their dependents. The clinic is one prong of Milwaukee-based Northwestern Mutual’s technique to improve employee wellness and reduce health care costs. During her exam at the downtown medical clinic, Herman, 36, learned she was both got and diabetic high blood pressure. That was not very good news for Herman, a senior investment accountant, but she was given by it information she needed to start enhancing her health.

She has since lost 30 pounds through a combination of medication, which she’s off for the present time, using the on-site fitness center and eating on the healthy menu at the company cafeteria. Northwestern Mutual, with a continuing string of profits and 4,900 local employees, has been known for its market-leading worker benefits long.

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