Avant-garde makeup can range from the bizarre to the stunning, but it is always entertaining to see what a makeup artist will create. Because these looks will be seen on a runway or in the pages of a magazine than frequenting the town streets, there’s a certain element of fantasy that surrounds these looks.

The eyes and lip area are usually the most interesting parts of the face to work with, though the whole face can be transformed with some cleverly placed contours and highlights amazingly. On top of this, any facial accessories or decorative appliances can certainly help to take a makeup look from the amount of being just ordinary to extraordinary.

By this aspect, Amy’s right lower leg was 200 % larger than her left calf, so she went to another doctor who was able to successfully decrease the swelling through an operation called suction assisted protein lipectomy. Her right lower leg is currently only one percent larger than her remaining calf. This was the first rung on the ladder to her embracing her big leg fully, acknowledging herself for the real way she is rather than apologizing on her behalf appearance. She has since been able to participate in many sports such as; boxing, kickboxing, sky diving, weight lifting, yoga exercises, and it is taking salsa dance lessons.

I was born with lymphedema; my entire right part of my body was enlarged from my ears to my feet. The doctor’s told my mom it was just how she carried me (which was false),’ Amy said. The swelling went just about everywhere except for my lower leg away. My parents sought out answers but were told it was ‘general swelling’ and there was nothing we can do about it nor know very well what is leading to it. I’ve never known life to be any other way than being stared at. I was callused to the remarks and stares.

People would call me the elephant calf, elephant girl, lady with the big leg. I punched a young man in the face at one point in time because he directed at me and called me ‘weird’. I had formed several others point at me in the school hallway. That was the turning point which I made a decision to find a new identity which is why I entered pageants.

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In order to ‘fit’ in, I inserted pageants, and actually gained – funny how that worked out, but it didn’t really make me feel good about myself. I was still the ‘girl with the big leg’, just with a Miss Junior America (Missouri) name and a tiara. As a grown-up, someone at a local mall asked me if they could ‘catch’ what I had.

First, the lymph was acquired by her node transplant, got two suction-assisted lipectomies then, to try to surgically take away the surplus lipids that experienced build up in her leg over time. Nonetheless it didn’t work. With the right time she got to Dr Jay Granzow, her right calf was many times bigger than her left. Finally, in 2014, Amy had procedures to eliminate the solids that acquired built up in her leg because of this of her faulty lymphatic system, that have been performed by Dr. Jay Granzow (left). After the procedure, her right leg swelling was drastically reduced. Another procedure was a success.

My right leg was two-hundred percent bigger than my left knee when I began this reduction journey and today my calf is one percent bigger at this time,’ Amy said. Lymphedema can affect any part of the body but mainly it grows in the arms or legs. It develops when the lymphatic system doesn’t work properly.

The lymphatic system is a network of stations and glands throughout the body that helps fight contamination and remove surplus fluid. It can get gradually worse if it’s not treated in due time. You will find two types of lymphedema; primary and secondary. Primary lymphedema is caused by alterations in genes accountable for the development of the lymphatic system. Supplementary lymphedema develops in people who acquired a normal lymphatic system that then becomes damaged previously. Amy says that her co-worker’s body insecurities helped motivate her to ‘lead by example’ by ditching the long skirts and dresses.