The simple answer is: wherever you can find it! Nevertheless, you have to look. Don’t wait around until you need something specific for the next outing. If you feel pressured to get something right away, you might accept something significantly less than you want or pay too much for this.

Always look for good deals on equipment and supplies. There are many places in addition to camping, outdoor, and sporting-goods stores, some you will possibly not typically think of: department stores, thrift stores, home centers, garage-area sales, flea marketplaces, ebay, craigslist, local categorized ads, and periodicals. TV, radio, and email may bring you ads for sales. You might find things you will need or want at camp stores or may have the ability to buy them from fellow campers who’ve duplicates or no longer need them.

You could also find things you will need in your own kitchen, garage area, or attic! Not long ago I found a great deal of completely new camping equipment on a year-end sale at 50% off at my local plantation and ranch store. Such closeouts are fairly common as retailers drive out seasonal products to make way for a different season. New or used is a question you want to answer prior to going very significantly in your search for camping equipment.

If you have an unlimited budget, you can fill your shopping cart software at L.L. Bean, REI, or Cabella’s with wonderful new equipment and you’re established to go. However, most of us don’t have that luxury and have to seek more cost-effective alternatives and everyone likes to get a good deal. Some highly appealing and venerable items are no more available in stores, so you might have to search the used market to see them. Crazy how popular staples of camping can be discontinued once, but I’ve seen it happen more often than once. And just about everybody loves getting a good bargain.

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Watching for and taking advantage of seasonal sporting goods sales can net good savings on new equipment, but used equipment at good prices is more readily available year circular. Keep in mind that new equipment is only new once — before you utilize it the first time. After that it anyway is used. Some individuals have reservations about using personal items that others have used. Sleeping bags are at the top of the list, with tents and kitchen items behind following close. When you have any concerns about the cleanliness of almost everything, it can be taken care of. Sleeping luggage can be dried out cleaning. Tents can be cleaned and sanitized.

Kitchen items can be cleaned and sterilized in your dishwasher. Even Port-a-Pottis can usually be easily cleaned out and sanitized. The question of “new or used” will likely be answered by how much it is possible to spend and if the item continues to be in production. Very often the “used” camping items you will find in garage area sales or classified advertisements will have been carefully used if. Perhaps the car or truck dealer euphemistic designation of “pre-owned” might be a better way of thinking of it. Several devices find their way into garage area sales because of dis-use or even non-use.

People sometimes accumulate duplicates overtime or receive them as gifts and never get around to using them. Used camping equipment can be an excellent investment. It is not unusual to find completely new camping equipment for sale by private parties. People sometimes buy stuff thinking they will utilize it or get items as presents and leave them on the shelf. As time passes, most of us accumulate duplicates once we find discounted prices on things we like, creating additional applicants for garage area sales. Unless there’s a significant factor of durability, wear, harm, or warranties, new usually has little real advantage over used.