Extensive screening by vets has verified links between a favorite pet food range to the fatalities of at least 19 dogs across Australia. But the cause of death remains a mystery, nine months after manufacturer Mars Petcare Australia voluntarily recalled its Advance Dermocare dried out dog range from 500 stores after a concerning and unexplained spike in megaesophagus cases. Findings released this week found no toxins or undesirable elements, while high concentrations of analytes will go through further assessment.

Tests show for canines with megaoesophagus were at 437 higher probability of being fed Advance Dermocare in the half a year prior to diagnosis. The results also reported a drop in megaoesophagus instances after dogs ended up eating the food. Share 151 shares She believes the root cause of the megaesophagus outbreak to be multifactorial. As not absolutely all dogs fed this diet were affected, there may be some individual factors such as breed, predisposition to food intolerance or home factors contributing,’ Ms Mansfield said.

A Mars Petcare Australia spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia it facilitates U-Vet’s bottom line that the factors will tend to be multifactorial. We’re disappointed, as we know owners will be, that a root cause into the cases of megaoesophagus has to be found yet,’ she said. We appreciate the comprehensive, and independent, analysis that U-Vet at the University of Melbourne has completed. Nine-year-old labradoodle Stan lost almost five kilograms and relied on intravenous drips for fluids when he was identified as having megaesophagus.

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The company is constantly on the investigate the relationship of possible co-factors in the development megaoesophagus. You want to assure all pet owners that we remain committed to getting to the bottom of what happened,’ the spokeswoman informed Daily Mail Australia. An uncommon disease, megaesophagus gradually closes the throat, making eating and taking in – even inhaling and exhaling – increasingly difficult. The number of dogs struck down by the debilitating and incurable illness rose to more than 70 during the 2017-18 deadly outbreak.

Among those were struck down with the debilitating disease included Victoria Police squad canines and canines with the South Australian Department of Correctional Services. In the brand new South Wales town of Port Stephens north of Sydney, Shirley Benn, and her family made the heartbreaking decision to place down their much loved five-year-old mamma Chief due to megaesophagus. He was diagnosed with megaesophagus two weeks later and was euthanised the very next day. Mrs Benn was devastating to discover just weeks after Chief’s death that it could have been caused by his dog food.

It was the most humane move to make,’ Mrs Benn informed Daily Mail Australia earlier this season. Nine-year-old labradoodle Stan lost almost five kilograms and relied on intravenous drips for fluids when he was diagnosed with megaesophagus in March. Sadly, the much loved family pet from Victoria later succumbed to the disease. The senate committee recommended the industry is regulation when it released its final report in October. Mars Petcare will shortly convene a roundtable of global experts to go over and scrutinize the deadly outbreak of food-associated megaoesophagus. Shirley Benn misses her closest friend Chief.

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