The six safeguarding concepts were originally produced for the safeguarding of adults but can also be applied to the safeguarding of children. Safeguarding both adults and children is about preventing the risk of harm from misuse or exploitation or having the ability to reduce it by increasing awareness and helping people to make knowledgeable decisions.

The UK Government created these six safeguarding concepts especially for the health and social care sector to help better protect adults. Ensuring people are assured and supported to make their own decisions and providing educated consent. Empowerment gives individual’s choice and control over decisions made. Providing support and representation for those in greatest need.

It is vital to try and do something before damage occurs, preventing neglect, misuse, or harm is the principal objective. Prevention is the act of organizations attempting to stop abuse before it happens. Raising awareness, training staff and making information easy to get at are all ways that they can show prevention steps and encourage individuals to ask for help. We should have a proportionate and least intrusive response to the pressing issue provided.

Proportionality ensures that services take each individual into account when dealing with abuse. They will respect each individual and assess any risks presented. Forming partnerships with local communities can create solutions as they can assist in avoiding and detecting abuse. Partnerships give organizations the opportunity to together work, as well much like the local community.

Being accountable and having complete transparency in delivering safeguarding practice. Safeguarding is everyone’s business and accountability makes certain that everyone performs their part when it comes to safeguarding susceptible people. Many people are in charge of their activities as individuals, services, and organizations. Serious case reviews and inquiries have highlighted the need to ensure safeguarding plays an important role within the care. We all have been aware of the consequences that safeguarding failures can have on services through prosecutions and high costs.

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