Lake of the Ozarks holiday home can be quite the investment and should be attended to properly. When you are back to your main home for the wintertime, you’ll want to know your vacation property at the Lake of the Ozarks has been cared for by professionals. That is where we come in. Your Lake Vacation is experienced in property management at the Lake of the Ozarks and we have been doing so since 1986. Continue reading for a couple tips for winterizing your Lake vacation home.

In addition to making sure your pipes aren’t heading to freeze on those frosty winter nights, there are many other items which should be attended to in the home. 1. Make sure there is ample insulation in the attic, basement, and crawl areas. This will keep your pipes from freezing also.

2. Empty and defrost the refrigerator, leaving the door ajar and the unit unplugged. 3. Discard any food, toiletries, or medications filled with fluids that could freeze. 4. Seal air leaks that allow cold air into your home, paying special focus on door frames and window sills. 5. Turn off the pilot lamps on stoves and fireplaces and switch off the gas.

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Also check for possible gas leaks. 6. All electric components in your holiday home should be shut down, apart from such essentials as the heating system, security system and outdoor light. Use carefully proclaimed breakers in your home’s circuit container as a guide. 7. Unplug all home appliances from the outlets. When winterizing your home, the place to start is outside.

You want to prevent any damage to the outside of your home to keep it from influencing the inside of your house. 1. Protect your outdoor furniture, cooking home appliances, and recreational equipment by storing them away or safeguarding them with weather-proof addresses. 2. Keep pest from seeking warmness in your home by covering chimneys with verification and preventing any possible entries in the building blocks or around the eaves.

3. Clear all gutters so that rainwater, melting snow, and ice can flow away from your home instead of forming ice dams successfully, which can lead to leaks inside your home. 4. Trim trees and remove inactive branches around your home to avoid property-damaging breaks caused by the weight and pressure of winter winds, snow, and ice. Failing to winterize the plumbing in your vacation home may lead to extensive damage while you’re away. 1. Switch off the water heater and drain the water from the container. 2. Drain water from spray attachments at your sinks and from the handheld shower mind hoses.

3. Flush your toilet and remove any excessive water from the tanks and bowls with a vintage towel. 4. Pour one glass of antifreeze into the toilet bowls and an additional cup down the overflow tube in the toilet tanks. 5. Open all the water faucets and valves inside your home to let the drinking water drain from the pipes. 6. Switch off the main water shut off valve inside your home. 7. Wrap all exterior pipes as well as pipes in unheated regions of your vacation house with polyurethane or fiberglass tube insulation. Need a fresh Property Manager at the Lake of the Ozarks? Your Lake Holiday is perfect for you here! We have managed several vacation properties at the Lake of the Ozarks through the years and have many satisfied customers showing for this.

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