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The screen developer allows you to layout just how you want your application to show on any smart device. To start the designer, from the main menu select Designer, Open Designer. Each component, such as a button or a label, is called a View. To add a view select Add View from the primary menu, and choose the desired component. In the example above I’ve added a label and a button. There are many techniques for positioning these elements, and I have chosen to use the scripting interface (bottom left panel) that works together with the designer.

The label and button are positioned near the center of the display screen horizontally. I’ve also specified the elevation and width of the button. Using the Properties I set the background color of the screen that contains the elements. The scripting code looks like the following. Note the top left panel of the Designer, labeled Variants. Each variant corresponds to a particular screen size or orientation.

You may choose to design different designs for different device sizes and orientations. In that case, select New Variant and select the required type. Design as desired Then, and save with a distinctive name. You might research this true name in the app’s code, so use a naming convention that makes sense for you.

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I saved the existing design as PhoneLayout01. Given that we have a layout designed, it’s time to write some code. Switch to the main window, that ought to most probably along the bottom toolbar of your PC. There are two modules shown-the Main module and the Starter module. The Starter module is a particular type of a Service component.

It serves as an entry way to the app whenever it is run. The Main module can be an Activity module, which contains code that tons react and screens to various consumer activities, such as pressing control keys. In our Hello World app we will only reference the Main activity module, because of the simplicity of the app. In the primary module we will modify the code as shown.