The month of August is another month of dividend income landing in my accounts. This money can be used to help pay my expenditures if it is needed. If the money isn’t needed, it is ALL used to purchase new investments to further increase my cash flow. 50 per barrel of WTI crude essential oil. In Canada, most of the oil and gas is located in Alberta.

During the month of August, Alberta’s finance minister informed the united states that they are reducing the budget goals for the price tag on oil. 55.00 per barrel of crude essential oil. 49.00 per barrel of crude essential oil. So, we shall see if they change anything going forward. During the month of August, Year downturn Alberta officially came out of their 3 plus.

It is believed the growth is going to be slow in the years ahead. Going forward, Cominar REIT shall be paying a smaller distribution. Month roughly Over the last companies have reported their earnings. Bank or investment company of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank or investment company and Canadian Imperial Bank or investment company of Commerce have raised their dividends in August.

The Bank or investment company of Montreal didn’t increase their dividend. TD Bank or investment company, unlike the other big banking institutions in Canada, raises its dividend annually instead of twice a year. One thing for sure, is that it was paying dividends and distributions to be a shareholder or unit holder in a variety of companies or funds. In Sept 2016, the Dream Office REIT in the margin account will be counted as dividend income for the very first time. As the quantity of distribution from D.UN inside my margin account, will have a big impact on the comparison of dividend income from a year ago. 309.94 represents a decrease of 8.07% from 3 months ago.

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Recently, I wrote about purchasing more systems of D.UN inside a margin account. In September Starting, the distribution out of this D.UN inside the margin accounts will be included in my dividend income. It had been now been a year since like the D.UN distributions within my margin account in my dividend income reports. The year of 12 months comparison also Therefore the next dividend income survey will have.

I will upgrade my dividend income tab with the new amount, I’ll include my option superior income also. It is great to see money from passive income resources transferred into my brokerage account each and every month. For August How was your dividend income? Disclosure: Long all securities above. I am not just a financial planner, financial consultant, accountant, or tax attorney. The information with this blog represents my very own thoughts and opinions and should NOT be taken as investment or business advice.