At the end of 2006 and again in 2007 I did so a review of blogging art in the last 12 months. Part 2, which this year changes to being more about the existing economic framework for the web musician and the wider perspective of art on the internet. BLOGGING ART IN 2008: What has remained the same?

Blogs are pervasive and influential – The main message is that blogging continues to be pervasive and the art and illustrated blog continues to be an important channel of communication for the web musician. Despite any amount of twittering to the in contrast, blogging have not died although blogs continue to start and die-off frequently as they will have done.

Besides being pervasive, blogging is also influential. Blogging after all changed the span of the American Election probably! In June 2008, Technorati was indexing 112.8 million blogs, set alongside the 30 million blogs which were around after I started three years back. However both quantities contain a lot of ‘archived’ websites. I’m pleased to say that this blog now has a Technorati specialist of 187 and is positioned at no. 20,478 in the global world!

It’s very hard to work out how many artwork weblogs there are out there, not least because there are so many blogs out there which categorize themselves as art when they’re not. Art blogs remain started with good motives and/or a ‘good idea’ and are then empty within the first 3 months of life. However my impression is that is taking place significantly less often than previously now. Maybe because those who are impulsive have been and gone and/or because blogging is no longer the latest craze – those following what’s fashionable to have moved on to other things? New artwork and illustrated weblogs don’t find it easy to get noticed by potential readers.

In the past, this related to the lack of good quality web directories. However to get noticed really, you still can’t beat getting out and reading and commenting on other people’s art blogs. I always check out a blog if I get a comment from someone who is new to me.

If you like the art, it’s likely that you’ll like the contents of the blogroll -self-explanatory really. In addition to the next best way to be seen is to surface in someone else’s blogroll. Share the blogs you like to read and the art you like to look at. One doesn’t need to look far to see stories about the advantages of daily painting for example. BLOGGING ART in 2008: What has transformed?

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This section features my perspective on what transformed in 2008. Those that included my predictions are prefaced by ‘2008 PREDICTION’. If I say so myself Even, the majority of them were accurate! I’ve commented below on what transpired. Generic – Reading weblogs is more popular now. As the Internet becomes a lot more part of normal life for many individuals, there are more and more people now reading blogs.

There are also a lot more blog visitors than there are bloggers. This year In March, it was estimated that 77% of energetic internet surfers read websites. The implication for performers is focused on content. Considering what you say is as important as considering what you are showing.

How do you add value to people’s lives? How exactly does your content help you to relate with your readers? I understand I greatly appreciate the remarks I get that suggest that my ‘who’s made a tag this week’ post each Sunday is looked forward to as much as the Sunday Papers!