A curious view has started appearing in the business districts of the Philippines: yuppies-coffee glass in one hand and a cigarette in another-hanging across the entrance of a building late at night or very early each day. The nocturnal office employees are call middle employees and viewing them taking espresso breaks during ungodly hours are bound to be more common.

Over the past few years, the emergence of numerous international- and locally-owned call centers in the united states has made the contact middle industry one of the most important sections of the Philippine economy. Apart from creating thousands of well-paying jobs for Filipinos, the call middle industry also added 10% of the country’s gross domestic product.

But what is truly remarkable is the acceleration by which the industry is continuing to grow. In 2000, there have been four call centers in the united states just. By 2005, it is continuing to grow to include 105 inbound and outbound contact centers. Along with China and India, the Philippines is currently regarded as one of the world’s key players in offshore call center outsourcing. The Philippine Board of Investors also reports that the industry is continuing to grow at a reliable rate of 100% every year since 2001. Insiders attribute the outstanding development of call centers in the national country to many factors.

First and foremost to the fact that many companies (particularly in the U.S.), choosing to streamline and concentrate on their core-competencies, have begun outsourcing to countries like the Philippines where the price of labor is considerably lower. Conditions in the united states are also very conducive to the growth of the call middle industry. The Philippines has a large amount of competent, English-speaking workforce (about 3 million Filipinos graduate from college every year) that can simply match the needs of the contact center industry.

Another reason for the rapid development of the decision-middle industry in the Philippines is the fact that for many companies who outsource, Filipinos provide better service, when it comes to customer support especially, than their Indian or Chinese counterparts. So while labor costs in the Philippines are higher than in India, many companies still choose to outsource to the nationwide country because of the high-quality output and service Filipinos provide.

The 50 years the Philippines spent as a US colony and its own penchant for Hollywood and most things American also contribute to the increase of the Philippine call center industry. Filipinos, the industry insider explains, are very familiar with what’s happening in America, their culture and slang. This makes us better-equipped to understand their cultural nuances than Indian or Chinese call-center agents.

The reality that the country has a stable and reliable infrastructure set up is another reason foreign companies are outsourcing techniques some of their services to the Philippines. Experts remember that the Philippine BPO industry’s development is bound to continue as many firms in the united states are already growing by offering more high-value services. 180 billion the global call middle industry is expected to generate this year 2010, and sustain the industry’s rise. Visit this website to find out more on call centers and their services.

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