How can I install a second working system on a second onerous drive? I have a PC with Win 64. Is it potential to run Win XP 32 on clean second exhausting drive? What if you already have a tough drive with windows xp installed on it. Can you set up the exhausting drive and have 2 operating systems working easily.

You may partition your physical HD(s) to create any (cheap) number of logical drives, then install the OSs on respective logical drives. I have XP, Vista, and Win all put in with the selection of the OS at boot-time. I also have Ubuntu available below VMWare/Win7. That is on a three yr-old dual-core PC with 2 GB RAM and a pair of 320GB HDs. I have the same setup to that you are looking for.

  • Drag, drop, click on & carried out
  • Install Windows Operating system similar to the one you’ve on this new drive
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But I’ve two removable onerous drive caddies put in on my machine and simply slide within the hard drive I want to make use of. If you wish to swap data between the two drives then go away them both in and which ever one is configured as the primary Master will boot up and the Secondary Master will simply show as another drive.

When using Unetbootin, how can I set up a Linux Distro in a partition other than C? I do not want to install the distro in a USB Flash Drive, I need to put in it in my Hard Drive. I’m working Windows XP and this was tried with the latest version of Unetbootin. Also, I have 2 arduous drives.

Your second drive is it recognized by Windows? Do you see it in My Computer window? Yes, I see it in My Computer and it’s absolutely useful. I’m out of ideas. I’d recommend asking it to the developer straight. There may be ‘Ask a query’ link in the higher proper corner.

If I am not capable of finding an answer elsewhere, I shall attempt that. What about trying the VwWare Player. Free, from VmWare. You can create a number of digital machines and run them simultaneously as separate photos. Commonest OS may be installed. This seems to be taking over from the separate disk or USB approach. I’ve several Linux distros this way on my Vista Notebook. The performance appears great. An alternative choice could be to download and install “VirtualBox”, which is a Virtualization program. It creates a virtual or simulated “visitor” laptop inside your bodily “host” laptop, permitting you to install whatever working techniques you want.

I use it to boot a number of totally different flavors of Linux on my Windoze XP box, in addition to FreeDOS and a number of other specialized firewall distros of Linux. Though it should be noted, that this virtual OS won’t perform as fast as it could if installed on a second drive as a stand-alone operating system.