Since it is the last Friday of the month, I’ll be sharing my regular monthly favorites with you. Let’s get right to it. From the month is old My track, Heaven by Live. I’ve always adored this track, but recently it’s become even more amazing and true if you ask me. Pay attention to the lyrics and you’ll see why. And then, in no particular order, my favorite. Many of these are available on my Pinterest planks, except if stated otherwise. My most liked beauty looks of the month are these. I’ve been performing a lot of research into fantasy makeup, which brought me to handle painting.

I really desire to take action similar one day! The last of the four is a more wearable look. I’ve been looking into a lot of photography poses and ideas, which are how these images were found by me. Man, oh man, They are loved by me. The composition and color in the first two as the unusual angle of the last one help it is my favorite.

Photography also brings me to baby photography ideas. This is my preferred picture of the month. I took a series of pics with my phone and used Pixlr express (a fairly cool free app) to create the collage. My product of the month is Essence Express Dry Spray for nail varnish.

I bought mine at R34.95 from Dischem, and I LOVE IT! It certainly does dry the nails much quicker than the new air would and leaves them less smudgible (yes, I just made up that word) a lot sooner. Sure, I wrecked my fingernails a period or two still, but the harm could have been much more serious if it hadn’t been for the spray.

I’m impatient naturally! I absolutely love this steampunk butterfly headpiece. That is friggen awesome! I desires me one! In face, I love this whole picture. Above is one of the most amazing quotations I’ve read in quite a while. I’ve added it here because of its beauty and the truth around it too. A similar thing can be said for fathers, grandparents, and siblings.

  • After 5 minutes, leave it on for 20 minutes
  • Clinique Spot Corrector/Estee Lauder ANR Serum
  • Reduces problems like eczema, acne and rosacea
  • Bouncy highlighter (2 shades)
  • 4880 Havana Street, Suite 400, Denver, CO
  • 6 years back from Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 6 Winter Skin Care Tips to protect your sensitive skin from flushing, burning, and stinging
  • REAL TECHNIQUES starter set + setting brush

The pursuing image is named Designer Skyline, by LOYproject on DeviantArt. From the month is The Blacklist My series, with James Spader. It’s a fairly included series, but I adore it. If you want crime theater with a twist, a great deal of intrigue and surprises on the way, this is the one for you. I don’t have a movie or a reserve of the month, because we haven’t viewed a single movie (sad, I understand), and I am editing my very own novel. Which, by the real way, is likely to be completed way before timetable, because of the excellent editor incredibly. And that’s all I’ve for you this week. Tune in again on Monday for another blog post! Weekend Have a fabulous!

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