The visual style of your video is in many ways like a book cover – it makes an important first impression to the viewers. Unlike a publication cover, your video’s style should carry throughout its entirety, so you’ll want to pick a look that fits your company’s personality and visual.

In this guide, we’ll cover some facts to consider whenever choosing the visual style of your business video. While there’s no “right” way to approach visual style, there are many options that work well for different types of companies and business attributes. To help you quickly customize your video to fit your business’s look, we’ve added suggestions for Animoto storyboards and video styles under each category. This visual style down is easy and pared, and typically uses a solid color background with modern fonts. It tends to be typically the most popular option because it can suit an array of businesses, from regulation firms to locksmiths.

You’ll want to carefully keep the narration – tone of voice or text message – sharp as well; lengthy descriptions or long-winded quotations defeat the purpose of showcasing a simple style. Achieved through the use of big fonts Often, all-caps text, geometric graphics, or punchy text message animations, this visible style suits businesses that aren’t afraid to make a statement and be seen.

Color is yet another way to mention boldness. Instead of muted backgrounds, don’t hesitate to use vibrant hues. If you’re going bald, however, you still want to ensure that all the elements to complement your business aesthetic. With interesting fonts, decorative illustrations or graphics, this visible style works well with creative businesses, whether they’re service-related or product powered.

As such, this style gives you a lot of leeway to showcase the creativity associated with your business. This type of style has a sophisticated feel, most demonstrated by slow motion or steadily panning video clips often. Accompanied by lavish fonts-think-script fonts, or thin all-caps-or other types of visual ornamentation, the elegant style works particularly well for high-end services or stores that focus on upscale clients. No matter which visual style you choose for your video, remember two important things: keep it constant with your brand or business identity and keep it interesting. Are you not used to Animoto? Find out how it here works and sign up.

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