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However. It isn’t that simple because each website viewed costs bandwidth also. 5,000MB (5GB) of web space divided by 6MB (1 Music Product WEBSITE and 1 Music File) equals 833 possible customers. It is not that simple though. Because not absolutely all 833 possible customers will 1 Music Product WEBSITE and 1 Music Document download, if they have to buy the Music Document especially. 5 – 20 GigaBytes. It has no web space folder or bandwidth of its own because it stocks the same web space and bandwidth assigned to your main domain name. A Parked Domain should only cost the normal price of a supplementary domain name (i.e. £5 a full year.

4 FTP Accounts and upwards is adequate these days. MySQL Databases are directories in their own right. You are able to established one up via your Control Panel or by using phpMyAdmin (if your Control Panel supports it). For example. You could have a database for your visitors, business connections, blog, forum and so on (if you know what you do). MySQL has many levels – Easy-ish Management via phpMyAdmin to Nightmare-ish Complex Programming. MySQL is also carefully associated with the PHP scripting (programming) language.

Many Forums, Blogs, Guest Books and E-MAIL LISTS for example use a PHP Script and at least one MySQL Database. Therefore, whenever choosing a web hosting package you will need to consider a Blog, Mailing and Discussion board List will require three MySQL Databases. If you’re short on databases you can get around this issue by using one MySQL Database to create three separate Tables (Databases technically).

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MySQL and PHP are a good team. PHP Scripts setup and/or initialize MySQL Directories for you normally. So do not be put off by MySQL. 10 MySQL Databases and upwards is sufficient these days. In case your website is going to sell an Offline Product, such as Shoes, you ought to be taking a look at web space around 50-100 MegaBytes. This should be enough space to store a reasonably sized picture based catalogue on. As well as for a website selling an Online Product, such as Music, you ought to be taking a look at 100-500 MegaBytes of web space depending on the amount of music files and their file size combined of course.

POP3 is the protocol (format) used to spell it out Incoming/Receiving E-Mail Accounts that can be included into an E-Mail Client (program) such as Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Quite simply. You can read your website e-mails from within those programs using the POP3 protocol. The quantity listed next to a POP3 Accounts description will be the maximum number of E-Mail Addresses (E-Mail Accounts) you can setup for your website.