BookingNest is a brand new Vancouver structured website that allows you to book appointments with health and fitness and beauty authorities. Think OpenTable, but with spas, hair salons, fitness instructors, and massage therapists instead of restaurants! BookingNest allows you to find professionals offering the ongoing service you want locally, view their real time availability and instantly book a scheduled appointment with them online, any time. Currently they have got over 90 professionals located throughout the higher Vancouver area, curing you to ultimately some pamper time has been easier never!

BookingNest recently contacted me to examine one of the participants, so with my feet in desperate need of a pedicure, I toddled to She to Shic Beauty Lounge in Kerrisdale off. The first thing I noticed when I walked into She to Shic Beauty Lounge was the scent, specifically the lack of that chemical scent usually associated with nail salons, instead the air smelled of luscious fresh citrus. It is because She to Shic prides itself in being the first completely green and eco-friendly beauty lounge in Vancouver. All their products are natural and organic and contain no formaldehydes, preservatives or dyes. Because of this expectant mums and little princesses can visit worry free!

In addition to the usual manicures and pedicures, She to Shic offer waxing also, lash extensions, and mane and makeup services. No shadowy and dingy interiors here! The award winning design includes plenty of natural lighting and open airy spaces. The interior decoration is minimalist yet comfortable (I so wanted to have a snooze in their loungers!). The nail stations are situated across from a big screen television and there’s a good collection of new produces they can pop in for your browsing pleasure. I got eventually to experience their traditional pedicure including a scented soak, buffing and shaping, cuticle cleaning (essential!), a sweets scrub, lotion therapeutic massage (glorious and you get to decided your own aroma!) and polish application.

Spa Ritual polish is the salon’s toenail polish of choice, the polishes are vegan friendly in addition to being 3 free. In the event you hope something more more durable than typical polish in addition they offer gel polish. For my pedicure I opt for gorgeous bright pink called Dreamsicle. Thank you BookingNest and She to Shic Beauty Lounge! I carefully relished my visit and can’t delay to return!

The fishing boat shuddered and raised into the sky. If Amos previously have sick and tired of being truly a magician, he could’ve become a job as a sky fishing boat tour operator. The vista arriving above the mountains was quite stunning. At first, the desert had seemed ugly and barren to me compared to the lush greens of England, but I became starting to appreciate that the desert had its own stark beauty, especially at night. The mountains rose like dark islands in a sea of lights.

I’d never seen so many superstars above us, and the dried up breeze smelled of pine and sage. Las Cruces disseminate in the valley below–a glowing patchwork of neighborhoods and avenues. As we got closer, I saw that many of the city was nothing very remarkable. It might’ve been Manchester or Swindon or any place, really, but Amos aimed our dispatch toward the south of the populous city, to an area that was definitely much older–with adobe properties and tree-lined streets.

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As we descended, I commenced to get stressed. And start, we landed on the roof of a smaller church. It had been like dropping back in its history, or onto a Wild West film set. The town square was lined with stucco structures as an Indian pueblo. The roads were brightly lit and crowded–it appeared as if a festival–with stall distributors offering strings of red peppers, Indian blankets, and other curios.

An old stagecoach was parked next to a clump of cacti. From the plaza’s bandstand, men with large guitars and loud voices gamed mariachi beats. Amos said, retrieving his layer from the tiller. I muttered. I QUICKLY sniffed the new air and smelled something peculiar but wonderful–like cooking loaf of bread and melting butter, only spicer, yummier. It didn’t take long, walking the plaza, to find handmade tortillas. God, they were good.

I assume London has Mexican restaurants. We’ve got everything else. But I’d never been to one, and I suspect the tortillas would’ve tasted this heavenly. A large partner in a white dress rolled out balls of dough in her flour-caked hands, baked and flattened the tortillas on a hot skillet, and handed these phones us in some recoverable format napkins.

They didn’t need butter or jam or anything. These were so delicate, they just melted in my own jaws. I made Amos purchase in regards to a dozen, for me just. Carter was enjoying himself until he tried out the red-chili tamales at another booth too. I thought his face would explode. Amos informed, trying not to laugh.