The American accessories string Claire is in big trouble again after Dutch health and safety authorities declare to have found mesothelioma-causing asbestos in makeup powder for teenage ladies. Based on the website, the ILT and NVWA (Dutch health insurance and safety specialists) have purchased two types of makeup – a face power and a contouring powder – taken from the cabinets while a study is conducted.

The inspectors reportedly found 2% to 5% of asbestos, a known carcinogen and the primary cause of mesothelioma, in the facial skin powder and 0.1% to 2% in the contouring powder. The US Environmental Protection Agency has stated that no amount of asbestos exposure is without risk and Dutch specialists agreed. Claire’s made headlines in the US late this past year after a Rhode Island TV station broke the news headlines that asbestos had also been found in children’s glitter makeup. The problem was uncovered by a woman who delivered her child’s makeup kit away to an unbiased lab for testing.

The jewelry and accessories string vigorously denied the asbestos allegations and stated their own lab tests from four self-employed labs found no traces of asbestos. According to Dutch News, the united states Food and Medication Association assured Dutch government bodies at the right time that the merchandise was safe. But health insurance and safety inspectors in The Netherlands, where Claire’s operates 32 stores, we’re on alert. Fifty-five countries, like the Netherlands, have finally banned asbestos in an effort to prevent mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer without known to get rid of.

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The US has yet to ban asbestos. The risk with having any amount of asbestos in powdered products is that microscopic materials can become airborne whenever a brush is swirled through the mix and may be inhaled by an individual. Asbestos fibers enter your body Once, it is impossible for them to be expelled nearly. The result is chronic irritation and inflammation at the cellular level that can lead to pleural mesothelioma even decades after exposure. Multiple studies have confirmed that the sooner in life a person is exposed to asbestos, the higher their lifetime threat of mesothelioma, making the presence of the toxin in products created for young people especially regarding.

Unfortunately, Claire’s is not the only manufacturer of personal treatment items to come under scrutiny for possible asbestos contamination. 13 million lawsuit against Colgate Palmolive, declaring that she developed mesothelioma after using the company’s talcum powder. Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has been sued double by people who declare that it’s baby powder also contained trace amounts of asbestos.

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