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Tornado Of Fire Caught On Tape In Australia

An Alice Springs filmmaker managed to shoot one of the rarest natural phenomena! It is a fiery tornado that occurs when a “pillar” of the hot air down to the ground and causing a fire. Chris Tangey of Alice Springs Film and Television was scouting locations near Curtin Springs station, about 80km from Ularu, last week when confronted by a […]

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Spassky Cave Church In Russia

On the banks of the Don River, in the picturesque Voronezh region of Russia lies one of the most fascinating tourist attractions this country has to offer – the Spassky Cave Church. It’s believed the first caves were dug into the cretaceous mounts of Kostomarovo before the adoption of Christianity in Russia. Hermit monks would use these austere cell-like spaces […]

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Jesus’ Wife Mentioned On Fourth-Century Papyrus Fragment

A papyrus fragment dated to the fourth century written on it in the ancient Coptic language, contains a phrase: “Jesus said to them, my wife…”. This discovery reopening the debate about whether Jesus was married, as some early Christians believed. The faded papyrus fragment is smaller than a business card, with eight lines on one side, in black ink legible […]

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