Today, I pointed out that the majority of issues that students had been with negatives and fractions. Though I used to be surprised at the fact that lots of students still struggled with the fact that a negative times a negative is an optimistic, I used to be more surprised how many students just ignored the negative signs altogether.

It was as though the negative indications were invisible to the students. When are we ever going to use this? The class had been reviewing how to solve inequalities for under five minutes when this question was posed. My cooperating teacher was quick to remind the learning students that while they might not use algebra in their lives, they will use the logical thinking skills that algebra teaches daily. If you ask me, math and its own applications surround us.

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Working for my family’s business, I have the opportunity to use algebra on a regular basis. But, I realize I am an exception. How do I make math highly relevant to my students? Apart from the geometry problems I worked on my teacher certification exam, this is really my first exposure to geometry since my freshman year of high school.

Today, I understood that geometry is approximately the WHY? Sure, we ask students to find the measure of position 2. But, almost always, this is followed up with the question of why that’s true. Students are, for the very first time maybe, being asked to justify their steps. The fact that students have so little experience discussing mathematics becomes soon noticeable. Why do we ask the WHY?

Simulations by ECMWF proven that increased amount of COSMIC soundings would significantly improve weather prediction. So why are NOAA management and their Congressional overseers not RUSHING to sign up to donate to continue and expand the COSMIC program? Part of the nagging problem is the hapless management of NOAA, that have made mistake after mistake in handling our nation’s weather prediction effort (e.g., mismanagement of satellite television acquisition, lack of support of weather research. They spent large amounts of money protecting opinions about how to handle the satellite space but don’t take advantage of a potential solution before their encounters. Ah, now it is time for the villains of the tale.

Two private sector companies (PlanetIQ and GeoOptics) need to get into the GPS satellite television business, which is okay. But neither has launched such a satellite television and neither has an operating prototype successfully, from what I could tell. However they (and particularly the PlanetIQ masses) are positively working against COSMIC, providing all sorts of misinformation and unfounded criticisms. This is totally false, COSMIC-2, and COSMIC have global coverage as illustrated by the map above.