I am back again. I feel as if I have been disconnected for a couple of days. I want to give you thanks to all or any of my online friends who have reached out with all their positive thoughts and prayers recently. For those of you who have no idea, my Mom acquired an urgent trip to the hospital last week.

She experienced a sever blockage in her heart and needed surgery on Friday. I’m pleased to say our prayers were solved. She’s home now and doing far better. It was a significant scare for my family and we are so grateful that she actually is okay. Now we are focusing on her recovery – making sure she is used by her medicines, follows a fresh (low sodium!) diet, as soon as she back gets her strength, just a little exercise. There is nothing beats an ongoing health scare to place things into perspective. When my Mom was in a healthcare facility, I didn’t value anything else.

I just wanted her to be alright. Something like this obvious changes you. We got a warming and today we’ve been given another chance. I’m so pleased God was (is!) viewing over us! Before this occurred (last Tuesday) I had formed these photo’s uploaded and prepared to post as my every week Summer Favorites. I’m going to still post them, keep in the brain these are fourteen days old just. I must keep myself busy or else I am going to worry still, worry, worry.

There are times in life when a little distraction and mindless chatter are a good thing! Something I’ve always wanted to do is see Shakespeare in the park. I read in last week’s paper that the Bay Colony Shakespeare Company will be preforming Midsummer Night’s Dream in August, outside, one town over just.

It’s a nighttime show in a beautiful venue, just moments from the house. We had some fun pool time at Rob’s aunt & uncle’s pool. Day What a fun! Love them so much! Just look at that face! Old-fashioned brown bread! It is the stuff my child years was made of! Yes, it’s breads in a can! If you are from New England, guess what happens I’m talkin’ about!

Toasted with butter is the best! Add an old black & white Jimmy Stewart movie and you’ve got a perfect Saturday afternoon! A new bakery exposed in South Weymouth square. It’s an unhealthy place, without a doubt! I found out that I really LOVE Kind bars! They are worth the extra few pennies.

  • Grab a hand whisk and whip the ingredients together to combine them well
  • The belt it will not be annoying to the skin and will keep you comfortable
  • January 8, 2018 at 2:53 am
  • They are safe to use on any type of skin
  • Enhances consistency and firmness

This one (dark chocolate cherry cashew) was delicious! I acquired some fresh mint and basil from my dad-in-law’s garden. It’s so pretty and fragrant that I put them in a vase on your kitchen island. I wish I had developed his green thumb for gardening! A stroll was taken by me by one of my favorite little French shops in the square.

I do this often! We hung a new clock in the bedroom. Well, it isn’t actually new. I got this clock a while ago and have never hung it quite. Once I finally achieved it, I remembered how much I love a ticking clock inside your home. I assume I haven’t had one in some time. Have I told you that people are going to Disney? The following month we are road tripping to Orlando!