How to overcome rejection and damaged heart? I am having difficult time with working with rejection and broken heart really. He achieved it in an exceedingly ugly way. The feeling is well known by you? Happens all the time. My “crush” did this. We are not in senior high school.We were in senior high school more than 20 years ago. Not even HIS KIDS are in high school anymore.

And, yes, it hurts, because this is exactly how it seems. I’m so disgusting I’ll never get a man, and I’ll die alone. The unwell thing with this is that there’s another aspect to the whole thing – I’m married. I’m wedded and madly, deeply, in love with my husband truly.

I think my husband is the best man in the world, and I’m really lucky to have him in my own life. And I am liked by him. Our marriage is of the sort or kind people dream about. So – what am I complaining about? I don’t even NEED this other guy. I don’t really even WANT him. I don’t have any real reason to feel this way.

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So – not only am I heart-broken, I’m ungrateful too. I don’t deserve my wonderful spouse. God heading to punish me for being ungrateful and take away my spouse? That’s what I deserve. But the feeling there is certainly. I really believe everyone, except my hubby and my children, is lying about liking me. I’m convinced depends upon looks at me and views this disgusting person. Oh, God, I cannot! It feels like I’ve a walking band and neon light indications around me, screaming at everyone she actually is “here, the troll who is so ridiculous she thought she actually is a human being”. Who experienced the nerve to assume she could have passionate feelings to a individual.

I don’t desire to be disgusting and awful. God have mercy on me and let him live and stay healthy long. But I want to have a life also. I don’t want to feel unworthy, disgusting and impossible to be loved. I don’t want to cry every day, I don’t want to think about him and miss him, and become reminded of him. I wish to get over him, ignore him, give him the precise timeframe, effort, emotions and thoughts he deserves, which is almost nothing. I want to forgive him, stop being bitter and unhappy, and have a happy life. I wish to be. And that is what counts, they state.

They say that it’s ok to feel all these feelings when the first is heart-broken. That it’s normal. That I have to accept that I have a broken heart and that it hurts. And that is proof of which i am a human being, that I’ve a center, a good heart, capable of feeling, which i am a loving human being, which I am alive. All of that is good.

All that is wonderful. None of that is a sign of the “worthless, disgusting, awful troll”. I have to forgive the man Then. I have to recognize that I don’t have the complete picture of what really happened. It generally does not have to be personal. It doesn’t need to mean I’ve done something wrong, or there’s anything wrong with me. It probably doesn’t. Most likely it doesn’t. The situation was such that it wasn’t quite appropriate for him to take care of the crush as such, and the protocol was followed by him and did what he was supposed to do. He handled the situation correctly, by the book.

But I’m not just a book web page. I’m not little bit of paper. They aren’t counting in the human factor. He did the best he could with what he knew. It’s not his problem that he couldn’t do better. It’s not my fault that he couldn’t do better. One cannot give more than one’s best.

He do his best, he did what he understood how to, and it’s not his fault, nor mine, that his best wasn’t best for me. So – it could took much for him to reject me beautifully and kindly too. He couldn’t give me that, for different reasons, that i can’t think of. And it doesn’t need to involve me.

And, sure, one can think it is vulnerable, but – which of us humans isn’t weak? One way or another, most of us are. That’s part to be human. So – he’s a human being. What’s bad with this? But this is what I have. This is exactly what I don’t want to have. So I need to avoid repeating it and once more over, and release. I will not ever get an apology.