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There is so much wrong with this argument it is hard to learn where to start. I believe that the first observation has to be that Galloway’s views are hardly far-left. This huge rightward range shift is in fact one of the primary causal factors in Galloway’s appeal, the fact that three of the mainstream politics parties have destroyed England’s politics plurality through their consistent embrace of neoliberal/corporatist financial ideology. Political outliers such as Respect on the still left, and UKIP on the right may be fringe elements, what they do have is clean hands however.

To simplify to the level of a crude metaphor, “Neo-Labour and the Nasty party are arse cheeks of commercial backed neoliberalistion, with the Liberal liars as the stinking arsepiece of Establishment politics”. People are sick of the sight of this fats rump of bloated politicians and their astonishingly inadequate responses to the neoliberal economic crisis. The English people are eager to find a replacement political ideology. If 20th Century history hasn’t trained us that at as at times of extreme hardship that individuals have traditionally considered reactionary far-right elements, it should never have trained us anything.

The fact a principled man, with a populist charm has waded into a ethnically divided community to be able to create a sense of unity and plurality is a commendable thing. Although I can’t classify myself as a Respect supporter, I believe that Galloway’s victory could break open British politics. It is apparent that Britain is a politics monoculture utterly, with all three main celebrations promoting similar variations on the ideologically driven neoloiberal heterodoxy extremely.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are lucky in that they have much better politics plurality, whilst English politics is among the most gerrymandered rump of the receded establishment empire in desperate need of reinvigoration. The Respect party on the near-left and and Farage’s UKIP on the near-right are far from ideal, but they both have strong central philosophies (an end to imperialistic wars of aggression and drawback from the grotesquely anti-democratic EU).

People like George Galloway, Caroline Lucas and Nigel Farage are at least capable of offering distinctly alternative political directions that do not holiday resort to fascism and bitter accusations of “paki-loving”. If you enjoyed reading this post, maybe you could buy me a beer? £1 would get me a can of cheap lager whilst £3 would get me a pleasant pint of real ale.

In an environment of increasingly automatic commercial exchanges, bus drivers provide a human being interface. If I can get on the bus without money, the bus driver has the discretion to wave me through. If I’m biking up behind the bus and he sees me, he waits. If someone is being too noisy or aggressive, she steps in. And if someone is celebrating, he sings along. I’ve written before about the power of live facilitators.

To me, the opportunity for the bus to feel personal rests on the role of the driver/facilitator mainly, whose job is less to operate a vehicle the bus than to convey people properly with their destinations. How can all of your staff become facilitators of people of devices instead? The bus stops where you want.