Nyakio Beauty, owned by first era American of Kenyan descent, Nyakio Grieco. Since she was a little girl, she spent a whole great deal of your time traveling to Kenya to see her grandmother. While there, Nyakio would learn family beauty secrets, that later would spark her desire for skin care. Her 16-piece skin care collection launched at Ulta Beauty couple of months ago. 49. The brand uses amazing hydrating substances like neroli, maracuja, sweet almond, and marula oil. Most of her fabulous ingredients are available around the world, Kenya, India (tamanu), Egypt (chamomile), Mali (baobab), Peru (quinoa). I love how the within the product packaging looks like really! I love the thought of double cleanse really.

For a quite some time I was using oils first and then I would follow up with my cleaning gel or balm. This balm to oil gently melts away makeup and dirt. To be honest, using this type of product I don’t even need to check out up with every other cleansing products. It takes it all off literally.

  • Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is vital to healthy skin
  • Wear SPF To Protect The Skin
  • Parfum (fragrance) – allergy symptoms; asthma; known carcinogen; neurotoxicity
  • Follow-up required every six a few months
  • May 17 Top 15 Announced
  • 1 KIT: 150 pesos/1kilo
  • 5356 Monica St

But there is a con with this. Invest it off with drinking water it gets so oily! I need to use a paper towel to clean up all the mess. Once that is performed my skin does feel hydrated and clean. There is no makeup or greasy residue left. I think that people with dry skin want this cleansing essential oil balm. I am not a fan.

Oh, my goodness this creme smells so good! Moisturizer feels lightweight and absorbs quickly leaving pores and skin so soft and beautiful really. My skin feels hydrated devoid of being greasy. Night time I use it. I grab moisturizer with SPF in it. This comforting cream works with skin’s natural nighttime recovery process to calm and rejuvenate exhausted looking epidermis with soothing mixture of Chamomile, Aloe, and Calendula Vera, With that said this is by significantly my favorite product.

Oh, god how I really like sleep masks! I do think they work wonders to your skin. And this you are no different/ Especially now, I was working a complete great deal and myself and my pores and skin feels exhausted. Once I apply this mask at least 3 in a week I can see a difference! My skin feels hydrated, calm, and well rested. It is utilized by me with Baobab daily moisturizer.

Definitely an absolute must have in my program. Another great product by the brand. Lip scrubs and any type or kind of lip polishes are my jam. Well, hello I was wearing matte liquid lipsticks and you understand they may be drying as hell. So a good scrub is a must have to eliminate the dry epidermis off my lip area. I squeeze a bit and rub on my lips simply.

I wash with tepid to warm water. After words a lip is applied by me balm for extra moisture. This brand is pricey I understand Overall but at the same time is good. They use organic and natural substances and plus its cruelty free! No harmful ingredients what so ever. My own favorites are the duo that I take advantage of nighttime Baobab creme and Chamomile Mask.

Not only do many commercial brands contain petroleum products, they simply don’t measure up to the natural varieties. They wear off and seem to need reapplications often easily. I’ve been using Eco Natural Soap’s Key Lime Pie and Natural lip balms. All day They both make my lip area feel great and they last.