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SO THANK YOU TO IAN!!!). I only found out at 10:30 PM the night time before that I was supposed to start helping create video cameras for the live stream at noon but I used to be scheduled to take Veena’s workshop at the same time. I used to be attempting to fit too much in to the day.

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I required a cab to Fawnia’s (it’s no more than half of a mile to walk however in heat, and if you’re running later, sometimes a cab is easier). The cabbie totally screwed me out of a bunch of money. 2 for a tip. 6 cab ride. Guy sticked me by handing me all one’s.

5 bill was within. Ugh. Seriously, the next time, I’ll rent an automobile! Anyway, the Veena workshop was a beginner/fundamentals workshop and I liked it. It had been simple and she broke things effectively down. We did a great warm-up and some strength training. Then she trained us a brief routine that is simple to keep in mind.

Well, it would have been easy acquired Saturday night not fried my brain a lot. I was going to walk to avoid another cab nightmare). I got into the Rain Nightclub around 2:30 PM to help setup cams for the live stream of your competition and display. I helped lay down wire (appeared like MILES of wire). I sat around and tried to be helpful even though I didn’t feel like I had been doing much.

I picked up food so everyone could eat. Around 5 or 5:30 PM, I was given the task of pulling everyone’s music on to one thumb drive. Keep an eye on UPA’s website for video! After the show, breakdown began. Everyone who was there for the show was ushered out (in order that they could get back range to come set for the after-party).

What an amazing team between Annemarie’s live stream team (Brandon, Sam, Shawn, Vinny of Mighty Grip), the club’s DJ (Joe) and Fawnia’s coordinator (Steph). I fulfilled so many great people who made this whole thing happen. I know I’m lacking a lot of individuals and My apologies for the (and if I messed up brands)!