I love Kate Blanchett, admire Nicole Kidman, believe Julia Roberts is a great actress and has significant amounts of respect for a great many actresses. However sadly these actresses, and more, sellout for money. What do they all have as a common factor? They promote corporate and business brands of perfume, skin care, and other personal treatment items.

Jennifer Aniston is at least attempting to promote a clean make of skin care (Aveeno) yet, unbeknownst to numerous, falls short since Aveeno is not as ‘natural’ or as healthy for all of us as they state. What is so wrong about promoting these brands/products? These brands/products contain things that are deemed dangerous to our health, such as things that are carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancers), endocrine-disrupting (human hormones), and cause contact level of sensitivity and pores and skin discomfort, to name but a few problems. You can find literally thousands of ingredients used in mainstream personal care/beauty products that do a lot of damage to the human body and sadly these actresses are promoting the products.

Not to mention these businesses test on animals as well, which is not at all something any good celebrity should support or endorse. What can YOU do about it? Don’t buy into the hype. Just because the stunning and skilled Kate Blanchett says she’s runs on the dangerous product doesn’t imply you should join her and put your health at risk. Don’t support brands that are not willing to ditch chemicals that are causing a great deal of ill health for many.

There is a motion called the Makeup products Safety Act where people are campaigning for companies to ditch the chemicals in their products. JOLI Natural Skin Care is one of many Campaign For Safe Makeup products Compact Singers. Notice none of the best brand names have signed. How many other things can be done? I’d like to listen to your views.

  • You can read more detail on the research behind the products in other articles on this site
  • Almond Oil, Sweet Almond Oil
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It can be used on the sensitive skin throughout the eyes too, and that means you will reduce the looks of dark puffiness and circles. They have moisturizing and hydrating properties that are good for all skin types. It can combat dry patches, wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet merely to name a few even. Both night and day It can be used. It contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, orange extract, rose distillate, vitamin E, and C, and other essential oils. It really is non-greasy so no oily residue to be concerned about.

You can also try Arnalia Pristine Beauty Jewel of Rejuvenation if you are interested in the best natural skin care brands for dried out skin. This skin care product is made from handpicked and wild-grown substances which make it safe for the surroundings. It doesn’t contain any artificial elements but gets the power to deal with dry pores and skin and combat signs of aging like lines and wrinkles, lines, and crow’s foot to name a few just. They have hydrating, moisturizing, and nourishing properties which can repair and rejuvenate your skin with regular use.